Engineering and Implementation of Comprehensive solutions

MAKYL Engineering Consulting & Services. Peruvian company dedicated to ENGINEERING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF SOLUTIONS. We develop projects for the mining industry, sugar, fisheries, agribusiness, cement, oil and energy providing solutions in design and manufacture of machinery and equipment, structural design, piping systems (piping) with emphasis on comprehensive solution of mechanical vibrations and noise, machinery foundations and structural pathology and reverse engineering. Through our design department and simulation, field measurement, manufacturing and construction, providing innovative and appropriate to the various branches of national industry solutions.

Responsibility and trust

MAKYL promotes the highest level of professionalism in each of their actions, putting to safeguard the quality and safety of our solutions through strict adherence to standards international engineering. We value the relationship and communication based on integrity society, the environment, our customers and suppliers taking as a priority to create bonds of trust between everyone involved in our services.

Creativity and innovation

MAKYL developed with partners an attitude of creativity and innovation continuing to achieve our objectives, developing a philosophy of quality, safety and continuous improvement our activities. thus potentiating passion for what we do, based excellence in teamwork and sustainable development.